Xmas Treat: Overhead Press

That illustration is just how I felt doing my overhead presses this morning: like the Grinch when his heart “grew three sizes that day.” Two 8-hour nights of sleep + presses = awesome morning. Our workout today was like a little holiday gift

5 sets:
2 strict presses (up for 1, down for 2)
rest 2:00

I pressed 75# once, but couldn’t make the second attempt. That tempo is a bugger!

5 rounds (use final weight from skill session = 70#):
1 clean
3 push press
hill sprint
45 unbroken jump rope (trip? start over at 1)
rest :90

We timed each round of the WOD, and the goal was to match or beat our time. I started at 1:18, dropped to 1:13 on round 4, and my last round? 1:10. SO fun!

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  • Rachel says:

    The dog is doing hanging leg raises. =)

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Rachel –> That is an AWESOME observation.

  • Meghan says:

    I LOVE that WOD… I want to suggest it to my box. Tell me- what's your hill sprint like?

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Hey, Meghan! The hill isn't very long… maybe 100m up? And it's not super steep. Calling it a 'hill' is being generous. It definitely has a grade that rises, and it FEELS like a hill, but looking at it, it doesn't look like much. We sprint out the door of the gym and up the rise, touch the fence at the top, and run back down.