Vote For Me? Austin Blogger Awards

Woot! I’ve been nominated in the “Best Specialty Food Blog” category for the Austin Blogger Awards, sponsored by the Republic of Austin.

You can see all the nominees here – they’re based in Austin, but publish stuff that’s good no matter where you find yourself. (And I’m delighted to see one of my favorite punk rock foodies in my nomination category… hell, yeah, Food Renegade!)

If you like my blog and my dino-chow recipes, please go here and cast your vote for me.

I will be eternally grateful and feel ever-more inspired to experiment in the kitchen so you can eat well every day.

Voting ends at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 3, so if you like my blog, don’t dilly-dally!

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  • Jean says:

    Wow, Austin has a lot of bloggers!

    My vote is in. I hope you're the winner.

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Thanks, Jean! I appreciate the support!

  • Anonymous says:

    You got my vote!!! I've used many of your recipes and they've been delicious.


  • Jessica Sharratt says:

    Yay!! I just voted, good luck!

  • Aaron says:

    Done! Win, lose, or draw – you rock and your blog rocks!

  • GSC says:

    You got my vote for sure. Especially for recommending 'The Historian'. effing awesome. thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    Just voted, thanks so much for all of your recipes and methods!


  • Vaughan says:

    Well, I had to vote for you, since I love your blog, with BOTH excellent dino-chow AND rollergirl/Crossfit attitude to spare! BUT I drink kombucha every day from Food Renegade instructions, and I will have to go check out TWO other gluten-free sites. Wow! How great to have such a tough choice – obviously Austin rocks!

  • Diana says:

    Sardine Help and Caviar Dreams….Hi Mel. I voted and I love your blog. I am writing for some advice. I KNOW how awesomely healthy sardines are and I finally bought a can…these:

    I have literally started at the can for 2 weeks. I WANT to try them and need to integrate these into my food repertoire (WHat a great, portable snack this would be…) but I cannot get over this hump.
    I am not typically a picky eater at all. What's my deal? That's not really the question….that would talk years to answer:-)

    Really just looking for some suggestions as to the best way to try sardines and get over this 'eewww gross' thing I have going on.
    Thanks for all you do!!!


  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Hey, everyone! Thanks for the votes; I really appreciate it! It's such a great category in which to find myself!

    Diana –> You got the best kind of sardines. Those boneless, skinless ones are REALLY good. Here's my recommendation: cut up some of your favorite raw veggies. I like cucumber slices and red pepper strips. Arrange them on a plate so they look nice. Add a few olives… then place the sardines on the plate — make it look like an antipasto plate, so it looks like REAL FOOD, rather than a 'can of fish.' The fish is tender and not very fishy-tasting. The olive oil is yummy with the vegetables. Give it a go!

    In my opinion, a fork is essential to feeling like I'm eating food, so I don't recommend "fingers, fish straight out of the can." I'm all about eating like an animal for some things, but the sardines require a more delicate approach.

  • Lindsay and James Cotter says:

    good luck. What a cool award!

  • Lindsay and James Cotter says:

    good luck. What a cool award!

  • LG says:

    Good Luck