Poison. P-P-P-Poison.

Dave stopped into 7-Eleven last night and found the above. (What forbidden snack was Dave after in that bastion of junk food? I don’t know.)

Yes, that’s right. It’s a 2-pound Rice Krispies Treat. And, yes, it’s called a “Treats Sheet.”

According to the marketing propaganda, it’s ready-to-serve and “Great for kids’ parties and get-togethers.”

It costs $10, and the dude at 7-Eleven said he sells them mostly to stoners.

Duuuuuude. That is NOT food.

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Poison. P-P-P-Poison.

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  • Jeanne says:

    WoW! That is beyond disgusting. Can you imagine how you would feel after eating that?? BTW, did you hear about the nutrition professor Mark Haub who went on a twinkie and snack diet to see if just reducing calories would cause a person to lose weight regardless of the food? I think he would have liked this massive Rice Krispy treat

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Jeanne, I did hear about Mark Haub — and I'm still nursing the headache I got from smashing my face into my desk in frustration.

  • Matt F says:

    Holy Cow! Still, I loved me some Rice Krispie Treats. Had a friend who made them with double the butter and Fruti Pebbles.

  • Ehsa says:

    I'm sorry Matt F — I just gotta say major yikes on the double butter + Fruiti Pebbles! In my former life, I would have been asking for the recipe! Oh my, how one's point of view can change, thank goodness!

  • MelG says:

    Oh my, those used to be one of my favorite things on earth. I admit to trying a bit a month or two ago, so sweet I had to spit it out. But back in the day, I would have been in heaven.