Eeyore, Revisited?

 As my CrossFit Austin buddy Nick said this morning, “Looks like somebody is having a Monday.”

Imagine me in a petulant, pouty, frustrated, whiny, wimpy state, and you’ll be close to envisioning me this morning. Nothing was really going right.

I forgot to push out with my knees in my set up.
I bent my arms too soon.
My core was all flippety-floppity.
I wasn’t leading with my chest.
My elbows weren’t coming around fast enough.
My right calf was pinchy.
My right shoulder was bitching.
My eyes were both puffy.
And, while I’m on the bullet train to CrankyTown, running in Converse blows.

Oh, bother. 

On a positive note, my pushups are (slowy) returning.

WOD & Skills #1
Snatch skill work

5 rounds:
3 snatches @ 55#
rest 2:00

WOD & Skills #2

Clean skill work

5 rounds:
1 clean @ 45, 50, 55, 60, 70
2 front squats
10 box jumps
rest 3:00

The monsters of hormone poisoning are starting to sneak up on my, so I’m attributing my sub-par performance to the wonders of being a chick. Ain’t it great?!

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