Dear Mel: We Hate You! Love, Your Legs

A few days ago, I read the article “Top Ten Checklist: Do YouTrain?” and lamented that it’s been too long since I’ve run sprints and gotten my fanny under a bar for heavy back squats – numbers 1 and 4 on the checklist.

I thought to myself: Self, when we get back from Prague, let’s go to the craptastic gym and lift some heavy stuff once a week… and wouldn’t it be fun to run sprints on Saturday mornings in October?!

Someone at CrossFit Austin was wearing their tinfoil hat to intercept my brain waves ’cause when I got to the gym yesterday, I saw this on the board:

back squat: 10-8-6-6-6
front squat: 5-5-5-5

And then today’s WOD was full of awesome and by ‘awesome,’ I mean sprints.

See? Sometimes if I just relax, it all comes together.

So… how’d I do?

Yesterday’s squats
back squat  45# (10) – 75# (8) – 85# (6) – 95# (6) – 105# (6)
front squat 65# (10… oops!) – 75# (5) – 90# (5) – 90# (5)

Under the influence of CrossFit drunkiness, I forgot the front squats were only sets of 5 and cranked out 10 that first go-round. Silly girl.

3 sets:
10 step-ups/leg w/ barbell
10-12 powell raises (1-count up, 3-count down), 8#

The step-ups were awesome. My weights: 45 – 65 – 70.

800m sprint (3-5 minutes rest)
400m sprint (2-4 minutes rest)
200m sprint
100m sprint
50m sprint

My times:
800m = 3:29 (rest 3:00)
400m = 1:38 (rest 4:00)
200m = :33 (no rest)
100m = :17 (no rest)
50m = :14

My legs aren’t sore (yet), but they’re feeling pffffft! and slightly tingly and altogether reluctant to carry me anywhere. As I walked to the bus stop this morning – a little late ’cause I took the time to put on mascara and play with Smudge – I sent a message to the universe, Please don’t make me run for the bus. Please don’t make me run for the bus.

I arrived at the bus stop just as the bus pulled up. Win!

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  • Danni says:

    Those are really good sprint times! I love going to the track. I don't do it enough. And I love back squats. If you threw in deadlifts this post would be about my three favorite things.

  • Jessica says:

    Thanks for the reminder to do some sprints this weekend. Lots of box jumps and squat variations this week have left my legs pretty sore. Sprinting always helps get the blood pumpin'! DO WORK!


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