Prague POD: August 11

In September, Dave and I are going on holiday to Prague. I’m going to eat a dumpling, wear a black leather jacket, and walk on cobblestones. I’ve been asked so many times, “Why Prague?” that I’ve decided to show you.

It’s the Prague Photo of the Day (POD).

WARNING: Today’s installment is 100% not dino-chow compliant! (Sue me.)

Travel show maven Samantha Brown went to Prague in an old episode of her show, and the primo highlight for us was the segment on an itty-bitty strudel shop that’s way, WAY outside the tourist area of the city. The strudel adventure has everything we’re craving:

  • Getting there involves a quest. (the online research alone was an odyssey of links down rabbit holes)
  • There’s a good possibility we’ll get lost in winding cobblestone streets.
  • No one there speaks English.
  • The strudel has unanimously been described as “the best in the world.”
  • Available in apple, poppyseed, and sweet cheese flavors, the strudel is the size of Dave’s forearm.
  • The shop is near the cemetery where Franz Kafka is enjoying his immortal big sleep.

Here’s the shop. (Thank you to My Life Is Yummy for the photos.)

The outside of the strudel…

The inside of the strudel…

I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet, but even I have to admit, it’s pretty cool to see the shop in all its glory on Google Maps. There are plans afoot to visit the shop twice: once at the beginning of our trip and once toward the end… how else to try multiple flavors?!

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