Whole30: Day 14

From June 1 through June 30, I’m participating in the Whole30 clean-up/change your life/heal thyself plan. (Here’s why.)

I had a totally intimidating, so-unsuccessful-it-felt-successful workout this morning; more on that at a later date. For the purposes of this accountability report, you should know there were snatches, box jumps, handstand pushups, jump rope, and thrusters (grrrrr.) involved. I give myself an A+ for fulfilling my goal of getting my ass out of bed and into the gym.

Since I didn’t post yesterday, I have to play a little True Confession for Saturday night. After eating clean all day, I went out with some friends, and I consumed three-and-a-half cocktails (roll eyes/gasp/ tsk tsk /whatever…) and a 100% all-beef hot dog on a crusty Italian-bread bun from the Hot Dog King.

This is the Hot Dog King. (photo from here)

This is me, enjoying my Chicago dog. (And this is Bonita’s report on our debauchery – with more photos!)

You might be wondering how I can say I’m doing the Whole30 and eat a hot dog; more on that later today, too.

Here’s the scoop on my food yesterday. Clean as a whistle! Eggs, steak, salsa, guacamole; a homemade handroll made with nori, smoked salmon, and avocado; a few chunks of melon; hamburger patty, summer squash with coconut oil; blueberries with coconut milk; Sunbutter before bed.

Saturday: Went to bed at 3:00-ish; woke up at 8:00-ish. Whatever.
Sunday: Somewhere in the neighborhood of 7.5 hours.

Thinkin’ you want to take better care of yourself? Here are some guidelines you might find helpful.

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  • Danni says:

    I prefer more of a Whole 5 followed by UnWholy 2 type rotation 🙂 It's more sustainable for me and preserves my mental health. I hope you do not feel even a little guilty.

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    ZERO guilt. I loved it, and I feel good about it now. But thanks so much for checking on me!