Monday. Meh.

I had a kind of a terrible weekend and wasn’t really prepared for the week to start rollin’ again when the alarm went off this morning. But heavy weights beckoned. Who am I to ignore the call?

5X5 deadlift: 135, 145, 155, 155, 155
3X5 incline bench press: 85, 85(4), 80
2X15 back extension (2nd set w/ 10-lb. plate)

1. Recharging one’s batteries is 100% necessary and not necessarily fun.
2. Sometimes, a two-day weekend is one day short of enough.
3. Deadlifts are awesome and scary. Scawesome?
4. Even deadlifts that “aren’t that heavy” feel heavy. Empty bar: heavy. 90#: heavy. 135#:heavy.
5. Incline bench press is harder than flat.

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  • Stephanie Vincent says:

    scawesome…good work for many things xfit 🙂 LOL

  • mig says:

    hi mel- i have been reading your blog and it has inspired me to start crossfit… today. thank you in advance for helping me begin this journey. even your scawesome days look miraculous to me.

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Mig! That rules. Congratulations on your first day of CrossFit! Are you going to a gym? Doing it on your own? Be sure to post back and tell us about your first CF workout!

  • Erin Clare says:

    DUDE!! SCAWESOME is like the best new word ever.

    I PR'd today on my deadlifts at 145, and felt pretty good until I read yours… 155 is fantastic!

    Nice job for not being prepped. 🙂

  • mig says:

    it was incredible! what a rush! i can't stop talking about it… my friends' eyes are glazing over.

  • Mary says:

    You know you are a Crossfitter when … your friends' eyes start glazing over.

    My family jokes that when they want to get my husband's attention, they simply have to insert the word "Crossfit" in the middle of the sentence. For example, " Do you want –Crossfit! — steak or chicken for dinner tonight?"

  • Anniebug, bugger or BUG. says:

    I'm running with scawesome and bringing it into the real world. Of course, you get trademark rights.