Another Weekend, Another Adventure

This weekend, I’ve been invited to the New Balance Women’s Running Media Summit at the Lost Pines in Bastrop. The Summit coincides with the ZOOMA women’s half marathon, so I have plenty of reasons to be excited…

1. My badass friend Blake is running the half marathon with her mom. It’s a first for both of them, and I’m thrilled to be there for their big finish! The ZOOMA half is a toughie; when Team Relentless ran it last year, we worked Hard.

2. Our schedule for the weekend includes a trail run tomorrow morning, and the ZOOMA 5k on Sunday. I’m giddy about getting outside in my running shoes. It’s been a while since I plunked on the headphones and let my feet go. Consider this the official kick-off of Mission 17 II: The Reckoning.

3. The itinerary is packed with presentations that should give me all kinds of interesting information to share with y’all… stuff like the scoop on New Balance apparel, shoes, and – the best part – the research the company has been doing on women’s running (“Sports Lab Findings”). I’m wearing New Balance gear this weekend to test it out; look for my reviews next week. My initial reaction? The stuff is cute and comfortable! But running in it will be the ultimate test. I remember spending a lot of time hiking up the Under Armour capri pants I wore for the half marathon last year. If someone could supply me with low-rise capris that don’t fall down, I’d love them forever. We’ll see if the New Balance capris are the ones.

4. Two reasons to like New Balance, right outta the gate: they sponsor the ZOOMA women’s race series (“Designed to inspire women to lead healthier lives with more perks and bigger parties…”), and their shoes are made in the U.S.A.

5. This weekend gives me another opportunity to play with Twitter. I’ll be sending y’all updates from the Lost Pines. I’m not too proud to admit… I’m having some anxiety about being the last person to finish on the trail run tomorrow morning. Old habits die hard.

Wishing you a kickass weekend. Get outside and play!

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  • Amber says:

    Come to Boston and I'll take you to the NB factory store. DANGER!!!! =)

  • girlblake says:

    Mel, you are, hands down, the best cheerleader ever. Ever. I'm happy I know you 🙂

  • Anniebug, bugger or BUG. says:

    My friend Sarah is running the Zooma half marathon 'for fun'. Yeah, she's insane and a total bad ass!

    If you see a teeny tiny super quick red head, that's her.