200 Club: Here I Come

First, the bad news: I woke up with puffy eyes and feeling sluggish. I ignored both and headed to CrossFit Central to do deadlifts to finish CrossFit Total (Free CrossFit Journal article). The warmup was OK-ish until the 400m run. Bonita described the feeling perfectly in an email to me today: “… you feel like you are running in tar against a headwind with a 50lb. pack on and your shoelaces are untied.”


Now, the good news: Thanks to Blake and Coach Jen, I PR’d on my deadlift at 195 – and I did it with pretty good form. No stripper deadlift! The plates on the ends of the barbell looked like two layer cakes! Mmmmm…. cake. I tried for 200, but couldn’t commit enough to get it off the floor. (cupcake?)

We do CrossFit Total again in May. I’m throwing down the gauntlet right now: I will get that 200# DL in May. To celebrate my 42nd birthday.

My new CrossFit Total: 430

Pssst… Bonita’s deadlifts are really something else. Read about her latest escapades. And kudos to Erin who pulled a 225# DL this week.

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