Melicious… SMASH!

There are cupcakes are our reception desk again. I can see them from my desk. Dozens of them: white, pink, and chocolate cake with white frosting and violets MADE FROM FROSTING on top.

Everytime I walk past to get to the bathroom – which is a lot because I drink a lot of water and chamomile tea – I can smell the butter and sugar.

This has been going on for four hours.

I just had a very vivid insta-daydream in which I imagined myself smashing them with my fists and flinging them all over the corporate overlords’ office.

I Think It’s Poison

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  • Barbara says:

    oh man.That would be super cool to watch:)

  • Mary says:

    I'm being taunted by peanut M&Ms at the office today. These are my favorite and I'm getting tired from the effort of not thinking about them.

    I briefly considered if I could talk the whole office into trying the paleo diet for just one week. We could have yummy, but healthy, snacks all week!

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Mary! "I'm getting tired from the effort of not thinking about them."

    This is exactly what I was just thinking! I was walking to the restroom — again! — and realized I was frowning. The effort to not eat and not think about the cupcakes is exhausting!

    I kid you not: Just as I was writing this comment, we all got an email inviting us to take leftover cupcakes home.


  • The Galligans says:

    Oh honey, I feel you. I had to walk outside and around the office to go potty so I did not have to face the evil cupcakes.