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Just read an article from LiveScience that says, basically, if you think you can cheat yourself out of sleep during the week, then make up for it by sleeping a lot on the weekends, you’re mistaken.

I’m sorry! I don’t make the rules, I just pass along what I pick up.

Read the whole article to get the scoop on their experiment – and here’s the bottom line:

A new study finds that going long periods without sleep can lead to a sort of “sleep debt” that cannot simply be undone with a little extra snoozing from time to time…. Such chronic sleep loss may eventually interfere with a person’s performance on tasks that require focus, becoming particularly noticeable at nighttime when the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle isn’t giving you an extra boost.

An individual who is constantly sleep deprived during weekdays might try to catch up during weekends. While that individual might feel recovered after their sleeping spell, the study suggests the next time they try to go without shut-eye, their performance may start to deteriorate.  

Since I started my “eat more veggies and get more sleep” campaign in August, I’ve been averaging 8+ hours per night (and eating at least 809 servings of vegetables per day). I’m thrilled to be moving past my “I’m not a good sleeper” opinion of myself.

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And here’s a nifty little article on napping from the Boston Globe.

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