Great Body Image Post

Weightless has another must-read post about body image for the new year:
10 Ways to Celebrate Your Body Year-Round

I especially like #5:
Wear clothes that make you feel confident. Find clothes that fit your shape. Avoid wearing oversized outfits, because more often than not, these don’t make you feel that great, anyway. Comfy, maybe; confident, not so much.

… and #7:
Do what makes you feel beautiful. Writes Karly Randolph Pitman of First Ourselves (a great website): “What brings you joy? How do you enjoy your body? How do you feel beautiful? Integrate these things into your daily life. It’s how you live out your ideals, values and dreams.”

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  • Margarita Tartakovsky says:

    Thanks, Melissa, so much for linking to the post! I really appreciate all the positive things you've said about Weightless. I love the tip of doing whatever makes you feel beautiful and helps you feel genuine joy. Seems like a simple enough idea but something we often forget. This week, I might even write a list of things that make me feel beautiful and start doing them more frequently (I love lists! :).

    Same with wearing tighter-fitting clothes. When you're wearing an outfit that truly fits, I think you carry yourself differently, sorta like when you're wearing high heels. Suddenly your posture changes and you feel elegant (maybe just me? :).

    Thanks again!!