Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat?

I recommend that you take two minutes to read this post from Weightless that offers three tips for managing your attitude when you feel fat.

I can totally relate to this passage:

Health professionals say that fat is not a feeling. That it’s usually a disguise. That it’s a mask for sadness, anxiety, anger, loneliness, fear, guilt. Looking back on it, when I was feeling fat, I’d also feel tense, uncomfortable, sometimes frazzled.

I’ve noticed that when I’m tired or sick, those feeling doesn’t register as “tired” or “sick” with me. Instead, they manifest themselves as an emotion I feel as “I’m fat.” Dave has become extremely adept at recognizing this phenomenon, and I continue to strive to keep my feelings in check and to learn to overcome the phantom fat roll.

How ’bout you? What are your “pudgy triggers”? What do you do when you’re suffering from “nothing fits” syndrome?

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  • georgia says:

    I was complaining about feeling uncomfortable in my clothes while out one night and the response I got (from another girl) was, "That's boring. I never get those days anymore." While I was super happy for her that she's got a healthy confidence going, the "that's boring" statement has rung in my head ever since. This article is exactly why. My jeans fit exactly the same, but my emotional baggage was super heavy that evening. Instead of dealing with the real issues I did what was easy and took shots at my own appearance. I was my own Mean Girl! Maybe next time I "feel fat" or unattractive I'll just ask for a hug instead.

    Oh – and my dad trained me to ask my boyfriends not "does this make me look fat?" but rather, "is this outfit flattering to my shape?" Then, the man can answer honestly without fear of accidentally calling his gal fat. Plus, it means the clothes are the problem, not your body…huge difference in perspective.

  • Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan says:

    Georgia! I love the revised "does this outfit work" question. Genius.

    And yeah, we ALL need to work on not being our own Mean Girls.