Veggies and Sleep and Training, Oh My: 9/16/09 Report

My report from Wednesday, September 16, 2009, faithfully submitted for your review…

Hrs of sleep:
7.5 solid + 1.5 meh

1.5 red pepper
1 c mushrooms
1 cucumber
1 c cabbage
1/3 c eggplant
1.5 c green beans
1 c snow peas

1/2 c strawberries
1/3 Apple Pie Larabar


The skinny
In the interests of full disclosure… my attitude sucks this week. I’m immensely frustrated that I’m not seeing the results I want from all of this diligence around sleep, training, and diet. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut and my body won’t budge. I am a fist of rage.

Naturally Delicious?

Did you hear that? It was the sound of me bashing my own skull against my coffee table. There I was, sipping Bengal Spice tea,...

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Oh, Yeah? Observe THIS.

You know how some people need to learn to get in touch with their emotions? I'm definitely not one of those people. I know exactly...

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  • MelissaG says:

    8 hours

    snap peas



  • Erin says:

    Hi Mel, (this is Erin, I emailed you yesterday about weighing/measuring/etc…)

    I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated this week – I hear you, & that sucks.

    I attended a Robb Wolf nutrition seminar a few months back (it was AWESOME and I highly recommend it if you ever have a chance to go). During the seminar (in response to someone's question) he recommended that women limit their carb intake to 30g a day if fat loss is their goal. (This scenario was directed at someone who had their food quality dialed in but had plateaued with Zone proportions.)

    Just a thought, if you're feeling stuck in place with your current regimine. Something to talk over with Moxy Boss. . .

    Take care, & remember that you rock.

  • Littles says:

    Erin, thanks for that tip.
    I lost 10 fairly fast, for me, and this week and a half have been stuck on the scale.
    I've also been sneaking in whole lara bars 5x this week instead of once. I think that's all the difference for me at this point.
    Mel, sorry you're in that space. aggghhhh. You're always moving forward though, even if you don't see the changes you want as fast as you want.
    Did Barbara this morning!
    Holy Crap! blue band kip, mod push ups…ripped hands and bloody knees. I feel incredible, I think it was around 45 minutes with 5-8.5 min per round.

  • Melicious says:

    Can I get a Hell, yeah, and Yeeha! for ripped hands and bloody kness. Way to go, Littles.

    Thanks for the support, y'all.