Man-maker Monday, Man

Full disclosure: I totally cocooned this weekend.

Number of workouts blown off since last Thursday: 3

Moments of regret about those missed workouts: 0


I’m finally rested!

I spent the weekend shopping for dino-chow and cooking, then yesterday afternoon I put together a new training schedule. I also spent copious amounts of time with my noggin in contact with my pillow (the noggin which still bears a tender bump from last Monday’s barbell adventures), and watched eight episodes of CIS. I like the new ones with Lawrence Fishburne!

This morning, it was time to hit it hard again. Dave found a video on YouTube called “Manmaker Monday” that he liked, and we were off and running…

Man-maker Monday
5 rounds:

  • 5 man-makers
  • 400m run

My time: 25:12

The man-makers in the video on YouTube added two lunges to the end of the sequence, so we did, too. Our man-makers looked like this:

renegade row + squat clean + thruster + 2 lunges

I never imagined that two itty-bitty lunges would be such a royal pain in the a**. They were awful. But – yay! – for the first time ever, I used 20-lbs. dumbbells for the man-makers. Not too bad.

Tomorrow: CrossFit Women with Crystal. It’s good to be back.

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