Post-Vacation Report

So… I’ve been feeling like I did a pretty good job during our vacation of balancing indulgence (unlimited chips & fresh pico de gallo, a pina colada every day) with being conscious of good habits (fish+veggie kabobs every day for lunch, only ONE pina colada each day, lots of activity).

My clothes feel the same… if I squint in the mirror, I think maybe my torso even looks maybe maybe maybe a little leaner… my workouts have felt pretty normal…

So I was looking forward to stepping on the scale at Weight Watchers to objectively assess what I’ve been feeling — and I was right! My weight is practically the same as the day I weighed in for the Spartan Challenge. I was up just point-two pounds. (Melissa B said I should go pee and step on the scale again. Ha!)

So, yay. For the first time in my 41 years, I seem to have found the balance. It took vigilance and being very conscious of the choices I was making, but it worked. That’s what matters. Awareness is a small price to pay for living a good life.

After WW, Dave and I hit the hike & bike trail for our first 4-mile run in I don’t know how long. Even though it was pretty warm, I averaged 9:30 miles, which is my standard cruising speed. Sweet! At the 2- and 4-mile mark, we did 15 burpees, and I threw in 15 step-ups on each leg, too.

Now I’m feeling virtuous and relaxed. Going to the store this afternoon to stock up on Dino-Chow and might have some new recipes to share soon.

There are 26 days until the Moonlight Margarita Run. Are you training?!

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  • erikajeanne says:

    That balance feels good, doesn't it? Good job girl :o)!

  • Barbara says:

    Hey girl…I found your blog thru Byers. Anyway i met you at the Spartan Challenge and start the elements tonight with Crystal. Freaking stoked to soon be a part of CF Central 🙂

    Love the blog…


  • Melicious says:

    AWESOME! Kick ass at elements, Barbara! Welcome to Team Relentless!