Declare Your Independence!

I’m lolling on the beach in Playa del Carmen (where “lolling” equals starting each day with a run or CrossFit workout, then swimming, reading, and having adventures with Dave). But I couldn’t leave you stranded, so…

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Independence Day! What an awesome concept. Before you head off to a long weekend of sun, hot dogs, cold beers, and fireworks, I’ve got a challenge for you. Take a few minutes and think about the things in your life that can sometimes make you feel like the universe has got its jackboot tamped down on your throat.

Fight that thing off!

Think about a force – internal or external – that’s keeping you from being the best YOU, and declare your independence from that sucker.

It won’t be hard – here’s an outline to get you started. I’ll write mine on the Playa del Carmen beach and share it with you when I get back. If you like what you come up with, post it in the comments section and share the love.
The Declaration of Independence can be broken down into a 5-part structure:

1. Preamble: Why are you writing this document?
2. Philososphical Foundation: What gives you the right to declare your independence?
3. List of Grievances: How have your rights been violated?
4. Explanation of Previous Actions: What have you already done to solve the problems up to this point?
5. Resolution: What do you now intend to do?

Need a little inspiration? Here’s a funny attempt. And here’s a blog post from a licensed counselor with more guidance about how to write a personal declaration of independence.

Happy Independence Day!

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