This Just In: Playa del Carmen

I swore off the computer for our vacation, but it’s been pouring rain on and off all day, and I couldn’t resist when Dave tapped into the wireless.

Despite the uncooperative weather, it’s been a pretty kickass day so far…

  • Our hotel continental breakfast was huge, beautiful, delicious, and Zone-friendly: eggs, bacon, fruit, yucca homefries, and even half a piece of toast. Yum.
  • I beat Dave at backgammon, two outta three. I suspect this week will be a tournament for the ages.
  • The hotel restaurant — open-air, palm thatched roof overhead, sand underfoot — is literally 15 feet from the hotel lounge chairs and the turquoise waves, so I’ve been moving back and forth between the two all day. Sandy feet=happiness.
  • I broke my no-chip streak with amazing, homemade tortilla chips and pico de gallo — along with super-fresh fish kabobs and a gigantic pina colada.
  • One Bullet Away continues to be entertaining, intimidating, and enthralling.
  • Dave bought me a broad-brimmed, black straw beach hat that makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn.
  • Our hotel is strategically-placed between wooden piers that are about 1/3 mile away in each direction. This morning, our workout was interrupted by massive raindrops and thunder, but we managed to get in a CrossFit Central warmup and two rounds of run to pier + 15 dips + 20 squats + 5 burpees before the weather got the upper hand. Tomorrow we’re doing 7 rounds and adding lunges and situps to the mix.
  • During one of the lulls in the downpour this morning, the hotel courtyard became a cloud of dime-sized moths, dipping and diving in the humid air. The flowerbeds, walls, and benches were being patrolled by cute little geckos, on the hunt. They looked like miniature dinosaurs. We saw one snatch a moth out of the air and disappear beneath a hibiscus with its wing halfway out of his mouth.

Time for my sand and splashing…

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