Week 5: Spartan Challenge + Mission 17

One of the things I learned after the Spartan Challenge last year is that my workout journal and my food log can be helpful training tools — if I take the time to review them. So each weekend, I’ll be reviewing my notes and sharing what I’ve noticed… to make sure I’m honest with you and myself.

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Week 5 of the Spartan Challenge and Mission 17 was kickass, despite the fact that it was hormone poisoning week. I can’t believe next Saturday is the Spartan 300 already. Floor wipers, here I come! My new eating plan — thanks to Melissa Urban — has helped me do a 180 with my attitude, my energy, and my overall mood. I feel light-hearted for the first time in a while, and I think it’s because I’m not walking around hungry all the time. I didn’t feel hungry before we switched things up, but now I feel like I’m humming a the perfect frequency. Neat!

Reminder: DON’T CALL ME PALEO. Here are the nutrition goals I’m working against each week:

  • no starchy carbs (except my post-workout Saturday breakfast)
  • no Balance Bars
  • no coffee
  • no dairy
  • a big dose of good carbs after my workout
  • more fat (this one is fun!)
  • updating my food and workout logs every day
  • two rest days per week

So how did I do?

I was very focused on “doing it right” this week, and I also gave myself a little leeway to lighten up a bit… which gave this week good balance. I made some new recipes (thanks, Catherine!), took an extra rest day when I was tired (and whadya-know, the earth didn’t stop spinning), and wore a pair of pants that have been waiting in the back of the closet for me to be lean enough to wear them without suffocating myself.

Here are some stats from my workout journal and food log:

The Spartan Challenge+Mission 17 Index: Week of 6/7 through 6/13

# of workouts:
5 (4 CF + 1 run)

# days of training: 5

average hours of sleep per night: 7.5

lbs. lost/gained: -0.2

consecutive days without a tortilla chip: 35 (!)

# of Balance Bars: 0

On a scale of 1-10
(with 10 being “AWESOME”)

satisfaction with workouts:
9. I put everything I’ve got into my workouts — and REST — this week.

satisfaction with diet:
9. Thisclose to a 10.

overall mood/level of optimism:

Favorite workout: I loved bootcamp and Wednesday’s CF Women workouts this week, but I have to admit, it was Monday’s Nancy that made me feel like I was gonna die… in a very good way.

Moment of Weakness: First, lemme say that I enjoyed myself immensely, and I don’t have one smidgen of guilt or regret associated with the following… Dave and I saw Up at the Alamo Drafthouse last night. I thoroughly enjoyed a glass of white wine AND part of a small bowl of popcorn. Then I ate a special they have on the menu to coincide with the movie Year One, a comedy starring Jack Black and Michael Cera. The movie is about hunter-gatherers so the Drafthouse chefs made a paleo-ish meal as a go-along — cute, right? It was a broiled pork chop served on bed of field greens topped with a few blueberries and pecans, with a grilled nectarine half on the side. I got to “be good” AND indulge.

Gold-star behavior: When I woke up Thursday morning, I felt hungry and tired. I ate a snack, fully intending to force myself to do a workout. But even after the food, I was tired — so I went back to bed and slept for an hour.

Tweak for next week: More sleep! I’m still hovering around an average of 7.5 and I’d like to get that closer to 8.5, which means going to bed around 9:00-9:30. That’s early, y’all.

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  • el_twirpo says:

    meant to tell you that i saw you and dave on the klru downtown program for the cheap fun things to do in austin. how cool! i love that show. how did you get involved?

  • Melicious says:

    Neat! Glad you saw it. Whiskey L'Amour, our former Roller Derby announcer, works for the downtown alliance. She knows Dave and I are big hambones and asked if we'd like to do the episode. It was really fun… we spent the WHOLE day doing Austiny things for that bitty little segment.

  • Aaron says:

    Way to go this week Mel! Keep it up 'cause next Saturday is the 300 again!

  • Catherine Hart Rebholz says:

    Yay! Your focus is so inspiring. Which recipe did you make? I have you "yummiest chicken ever" recipe on my menu this week. I can't wait! Keep up the good work. I have a feeling you are going to kick some serious booty on Saturday!