Inappropriate Friday

Our project team at work has given each day of the week a label: “Malicious Monday”… “Martyr Thursday”… and today is “Inappropriate Friday.” We use it as an excuse to be boisterous and say the un-PC things our HR department would prefer we not express.

I’m being inappropriate in my own way. I keep trying to talk myself out of it, but I’m on the brink of a funk. I’m on the third week of extreme diligence in my diet and training — but my clothes aren’t fitting any differently and at my weigh-ins for the last two weeks, the scale hasn’t budged.

I know the only option is to keep going. (I read this in a CrossFit Journal article yesterday: “You don’t have to love it or like it. You’ve just got to keep pushing yourself.”) And I already have a promise from Crystal to help me tweak my diet and training schedule if my weigh-in tomorrow is disappointing.

I’m less concerned about the actual results right now than I am about my attitude. I am not living up to my expectations of myself.

I feel like it’s my job to have a positive outlook and be brave in the face of adversity — and I’m failing at that miserably right now. I’m pouting. I’m scared to step on the scale tomorrow. I’m beating myself with the “I can’t do pullups yet” bludgeon. Mission 17 feels like a bad joke.

Dave is supportively repeating his mantra: “Less thinking… just keep going.”

Today’s Bootcamp Workout

Part 1: Max rounds in 10 minutes

  • 15 burpees
  • 20 box jumps
  • 30 walking lunge w/ 15-lb. db overhead

My numbers: 2 fulls rounds + 15 burpees

Part 2: Sprinting

  • 100m sprint + 50 squats + 20 straight-leg drops
  • 100m sprint + 40 squats + 20 straight-leg drops
  • 100m sprint + 30 squats + 20 straight-leg drops
  • 100m sprint + 20 squats + 20 straight-leg drops

Part 3: Med ball abs

  • Wheel of Fortune on decline, 6-lb. ball

On tap tomorrow: Weight Watchers at 6:30 a.m., then a spartan workout with Dave and a short hike.

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  • Aaron says:

    Hang in there Mel! Don’t forget that the goals that take seem to take forever to accomplish – that make you endure serious frustration – are the ones that feel the sweetest when you get there!

    Or as Winston Churchill said: “When you are going through hell, keep going.”

    You can do it!

  • Melicious says:

    Thank you, Aaron. I really enjoy the quotes you put in your blog, and that one from W.C. is a great one. I suppose it doesn’t matter if my attitude sucks some times, as long as I keep going 😉