A Surprise From CrossFit Central

Can you believe these colors?! BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you, CrossFit Central coaches.

Five Paleo Dinners to Cook Next Week #55

One of the things that’s great about being back in a city is all the international food! Yes, I love Czech food—roasted duck, roasted pork,...

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Dancing With Witches: A Story In Photos

I'm not really a Halloween person, but that's only because I like to wear costumes on regular days. I require only the slightest excuse to dress...

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  • Princess Selina says:

    Happy birthday Melissa! While I loooove the colors of that flower arrangement, I have to say cupcakes are so near and dear to my heart that I love the flower cupcake a *little* bit better. =) Have a fantastic birthday!

  • Erin Clare says:

    The best show of burpees I have ever seen!!