You Really Gotta Meet… Devon

I’m fortunate to know some pretty amazing people. Thanks to CrossFit, Weight Watchers, Roller Derby, and other wacky/fun/scary/silly adventures, I’m able to surround myself with best-quality people to humor me when I want to do The Murph and comfort me when my frexcitement gets the best of me. Good things are even better when they’re shared, so you really gotta meet…

Devon Hightower
Age: 29 (until August)
Dayjob: Medical Device Sales Rep

For me, Devon is the ideal combination of hardcore athlete and beautiful girly-girl. See what I mean?

We met at CrossFit Bootcamp about a year or so ago, and she was the first of our crew to “graduate” to indoor classes. I really missed her company at our 6:30 a.m. Deep Eddy training sessions, but it was obvious that throwing around heavy weights and tackling the pullup bar were a great fit for her. She glows and beams when she talks about CrossFit (“I crossfit now — I love how that’s a verb — to stay in shape, challenge myself, and still be around a team-like atmosphere.”), and I’ve seen the fire in her eyes when she tackles a tough WOD. It’s a thing of beauty.

What’s your favorite workout song and why?
I have found out when I run I only listen to hip-hop. I can’t explain it — maybe it makes me feel tough? Oh yeah, and there is Britney all over my ipod…

What’s your favorite healthy meal/snack?
Baked Halibut, fresh homegrown tomatoes w/ EVOO & Balsamic

[Note from Mel: It took me a handful of minutes to realize EVOO = extra-virgin olive oil and now Ijust want to walk around shouting, “EVOO! EVOO!”]

What’s your favorite food indulgence?
Oh geez, where to begin. Amy’s Ice Cream tops the list with mexican vanilla and fresh strawberries. Can you A-MA-ZING?!?

But Hey Cupcake has a red velvet cupcake that is a close second.

If you could workout with anyone — living or dead, fictional or real — who would it be?
Brad Pitt. It wouldn’t really matter what we did. Maybe go build a house in New Orleans or something.

OK! You’ve just had the workout/race/competition of your life. Congratulations! How do you celebrate?
Have a margarita at Hula Hut on a sunny day with my husband and hope someone takes us out on their boat.

Pretend you’re creating your dream team of people you like to train with. What’s your team name? What are your team colors? Any specifics on what your uniforms look like?
TEAM RELENTLESS! Under Armour dark pink and black apparel, unless it was cold, then we would wear black Lululemon Groove pants with a super cute purple hoodie.
What’s your trick for getting motivated when you’re just not feelin’ it?
Again, refer to my random liking of tough guy hip-hop music above…

Do you have any advice/tricks for people who are thinking about working out but need a kick-in-the-pants to start?
Exercise is not optional. It’s just not. Once you accept that, get moving. Find something you are good at or used to be good at and do that.

Got a favorite quote?
“Your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing” — Abe Lincoln

Anything else you want people to know about you?
This time last year I thought I hated running. Now I fit a run in twice a week and am always discovering great trails in small Texas towns. ZOOMA is my first real race, and I am super excited!

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