Body Weight Deadlift

I have a love-hate relationship with CrossFit indoor classes. On Sunday night/Monday morning, I always experience a little anxiety about the upcoming workout — I guess because I don’t have as much experience with the indoor routine as I do with Bootcamp. The heavy weights are intimidating… being inside feels kinda weird… I have to get up 45 minutes earlier than normal…

I always feel some trepidation until we actually get started — then I’m mostly just huffing and puffing and cranking through the workout.

This morning was no different. The entire drive to CrossFit Central I was giving myself “the talk,” and while we ran our 400m warmup, I chanted inside my head, “I am prepared for whatever the workout brings today. I am prepared for whatever the workout brings today.”


As Carey wrote our workout on the whiteboard, she said, “This one is dedicated to Erika and Mel.” Both Erika and I made it our mission to conquer the 20″ box jump this year, and the workout this morning was definitely designed to make us better jumpers.

5 rounds for time:
5 deadlift
5 box jumps
5 sprawls

The elite weight was 150 — 5 lbs. more than my current weight. Neato!

Erika and I partnered up and decided to at least try the 150. It was amazing! SO heavy. Holy shit. It’s still such a freaky feeling for me to step up to the bar, engage enough to feel the tension in my arms, and then harumph! lift with my legs. The weight is shocking and kinda scary.

But I like it, too.

I lifted the 150 twice and, although I was able to hoist it up, I decided that 135 was probably a better bet to use good form and finish all 25 of the deadlifts on the menu.

My time: 7:16

Then we lightened the bar to 115 to do two more sets of 6 reps to practice our form.

I’ve never lifted anything that weighed the same as I do. It was strange and an amazing confidence-booster. And now, I’m definitely bringing the swagger with me everywhere I go today.

[Full disclosure: I chickened out on my first box jump… trotted up to the box, swung my arms, and… FAIL! I bailed out and did a step up. I considered doing a few jumps on the 12″ box to get my head straight, but chose a different 20″ box instead and voila! pas de probléme. Sigh. It’s all in the noggin.]

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