Med Ball Mania

I love when I wake up before the alarm! It always seems like a sign that today, things are going to go smoothly. The cracks in the sidewalk won’t jump up to trip me and the coffee won’t try to splash out of the cup all over my CrossFit Women t-shirt.

So, yeah… up before the alarm and ready for Bootcamp. Woot!

Megan was the boss today, and she put together a fun, “no rest for the wicked” workout featuring circuits with a partner and our ol’ friend, the med ball. It was just what I needed to ease my left shoulder back into action. I’ve been sweatin’ it the last few days because the left is the one that underwent rotator cuff surgery two years ago, and it’s been feeling wonky since the pullups and cleans and FGB.

But today… much better. Whew!

Our workout
Part 1 – 2 rounds:

  • 10 overhead throws
  • 10 chest passes
  • soldier march with med ball knee slams
  • walking lunges

Part 2 – 2 rounds:

  • med ball cleans while our partner ran two 50m sprints
  • switch
  • med ball push jerk while our partner ran two 50m sprints
  • switch
  • 10 around-the-world, alternating sides

Part 3 – 2 rounds:

  • 12 knee slams +overhead pass
  • 10 around-the-world, L
  • 10 around-the-world, R
  • 10 basketball pass, L
  • 10 basketball pass, R

Part 4 – 4 rounds up the snake sidewalk:

  • walking lunges, to…
  • sprint, to…
  • dynamic skip, to…
  • sprint to the top
  • 10 pushups
  • jog to the bottom

Part 5

  • plank on hands, 30 seconds
  • mountain climbers, 30 seconds
  • plank on forearms, 30 seconds
  • mountain climbers, 30 seconds

Special thanks to Blake for being a kickass partner this a.m.

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