Another Vanity Post

** Disclaimer: I had another rough week and a less-than-spectacular weigh-in this morning. But right now — after a great workout and big breakfast with some of my favorite people — I’m feeling fit and strong and proud and just generally, all-around good. And maybe a little sassy. Forgive me for being vain today; I kinda need to indulge in a little “yay, me” after the suck-ass work week. **

I finally got the photos from last Saturday night off my camera, and I’m reconsidering my former somewhat harsh assessment of my leopard dress. (And thank you to my dear, sweet friends — with EXCEPTIONAL taste — that said you liked me in the dress. It’s much appreciated.) In retrospect, I think the dress actually looks pretty cute.

And if I may for a moment… I’m particularly pleased with the rear view. I’ve been battling that annoying back flabby stuff for years, and it’s a relief to see it finally melting away. I’ve got a way to go, but I’m proud of my results so far. More CrossFit, more Zone, more running = less flabby-yucky stuff. Hooray! (Now if only CrossFit would make my legs longer and my overall stature taller, I’d be all set!)

Finally, here’s another shot of Dave and I, feeling celebratory and somewhat tipsy.

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