Man-Maker?! How ‘Bout "Tough Broad"

Whenever we do man-makers, I think of a trouble-makin’ chick that looks something like this:
… and I feel totally motivated to work hard so that some day, I, too, might look dangerous (sans cigarette, of course). I mean, isn’t she just the ultimate man-maker?!

I went to Bootcamp instead of Women’s Indoor today so I could meet Crystal’s brother who was visiting from Lubbock. He was a female Crystal: fit, blond, and ridiculously too good-looking at 6:30 a.m. What did they feed those McReynolds kids when they were growing them?!

We did a team workout, and I found myself in a group with a new Bootcamper named Lyssa (tall, pretty, young, fit, a.k.a., your worst nightmare) and Terrell, Crystal’s bro. I just want to remind everyone that these two are, like, half my age. Just keep that in mind…

As a team, we had to do 3 rounds of 45 man-makers, 60 box jumps, 90 swings, and 400m lap. Terrel suggested we just divide everything evenly and hit it hard.

Um… OK.

3 rounds:
15 man-makers
20 box jumps, 18-in. wall
30 swings, 10+15 dumbells
400m lap

Our team finished first with a time of 22 minutes and something; I was panting too hard to hear the seconds.

I’m not gonna pretend to be cool: that workout was really hard. And in case it’s not coming through loudly and clearly enough: I kept pace with Terrell and Lyssa. Granted, Terrell jumped on a really tall trash can thingy instead of the wall, and he out-ran me on the sprints, but I wasn’t lagging by an embarrassing amount… just a few seconds.

While the other teams finished, we did some med ball core work:

  • 15 cradles, 10-lb. ball
  • 30 Russian twists, 10-lb. ball

And now a public service announcement from my shoulders who would like to recap their week thus far and remind you not to hand them anything heavier than a tissue for the next few days:

  • Monday: 106 pushups
  • Tuesday: 30 pushups + 60 renegade rows w/ 20-lb. dumbbells
  • Wednesday: 45 man-makers w/ 15-lb. dumbbells + 90 swings w/ 25-lbs.

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