No Way! You’re Lying!

That’s what I said to Dave at 6:00 this morning when he looked at his iPhone in the dark and told me it was 29 degrees outside.

“I told you last night that it was gonna be really cold this morning,” he said in a sleepy voice, pulling the blanket over his head. “You should listen to me…”

Fifteen minutes later, we were both outside, bundled up, PVC pipes lying on the frozen ground next to us. Thank goodness for the CrossFit Central warmup routine. Once I’ve gone through three rounds of squats, pushups, and rotations then moved through the Burgener, my muscles are warm and there’s no turning back.

Twenty-fives minutes later, I was drinking a cup of coffee from Torchy’s and defrosting under the shower. In between, we did the I AM CROSSFIT workout.

Max rounds in 20 minutes:
400m run
10 pushups
15 situps
20 squats

I finished 5 full rounds, plus 200m run.

Man! The transition from running to pushups was rough. There’s nothing quite like feeling that your lungs are going to burst out through your eye sockets!

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  • becomingtheafter says:

    What a rush that must be, the whole lungs/eye sockets experience. I was feeling jazzed about the workout, thinking I might try to incorporate something like it into my 10K training routine… until the lungs/eye socket thing. Not so much anymore.

  • Melicious says:

    Mmmm… eye sockets!

    Try it! It was actually a really fun workout. But the running to pushups thing is hard. But hard in that awesome way that makes you feel like you can do ANYTHING (even survive your lungs coming our your eyes).

  • Erin Clare says:

    THANK GOD SOMEONE FINALLY USED THE WORD “BURGENER” in their blog. I’ve been trying to google that effin name for-ev-errr.

    Awesome job today, toots. 😉

  • Team CS says:

    Did you say, “we?” Must mean Dave is drinking the juice now, eh?

    I was contemplating on avoiding a run tomorrow morning, thanks for inspiring me to change my mind!

    See you saturday!