Half-Hearted? Lion-Hearted!

Dave contends that our Tuesday/Thursday short runs are designed to remind us that running is fun. I think he’s right.

Until this morning, I was feeling kind of half-hearted about the 3M half marathon this weekend. I mean, I KNOW I can finish 13.1 miles, and I know it’s going to take somewhere between two and two-and-a-half hours at my “not pushing, just finishing” pace.

So I was having a hard time getting excited about it. “Two-hour run… big deal.”

But this morning, I did the I AM CROSSFIT workout, and it kind of ruled.

5 rounds for time:
10 overhead press, 20-lb. dbs
15 vert jumps
20 lunges

My time: 9:14

Then Dave and I went for a 3-mile run on the hike & bike trail. It was a perfect morning for it: sunny and crisp, the light glinting off the river and little tendrils of steam rising around the birds. I saw an egret skimming the water, and swans grooming. It was just…. [deep fresh breath of joy]. I felt so good when I was finished, I did a set of pushups and some step-ups on the tall wall (Still not ready to jump on that sucker, especially since my crash on Monday. The nicks on my knee, shin, and ankle are just starting to scab over… ew… and the swelling has finally gone down.)

So now I’m exited for Sunday.

I’m going to be at the starting line with my main man and my friend Jenn (a total badass who is training for an Ironman Triathlon next fall).

I’m going to run run run run and see how long it takes me, so I can set a real time goal for the Austin Half Marathon on February 15.

After we cross the finish line and do a victory dance, we’re going to wrap up our adventure with a well-deserved Tex-Mex breakfast. Mark my words, people, I WILL eat some chips and queso. And I will enjoy every indulgent bite.

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