I Am CrossFit Challenge

Just sent in my preferences for the I Am CrossFit Challenge… woot!

The kick-off workout is this Saturday, and I’m doing LEVEL II, which means a 65-lb. hang clean. I think that’s going to be pretty challenging for me, and I’m already sorta halfway wishing I’d gone for a lighter weight… but I guess I’m ready to have my butt kicked again.

I’ve been sleeping a little later than usual. Indulging in low-fat ice cream more than I should. Basically doing my version of holiday slack. In a few days, that’s all over and I’m back in warrior mode.
From January 3 through February 25, I’ll be Zoning seven days a week (I’m on my 51st consecutive week of the Zone right now!), and my training schedule will look like this:

Monday: Bootcamp w/ Crystal
Tuesday: I Am CrossFit workout + 3-mile run
Wednesday: CF Women Indoor w/ Carey
Thursday: I Am CrossFit workout + 3-mile run
Friday: Bootcamp w/ Crystal
Saturday: long run (half marathon, here we come!)

Dave and I have a “practice” 13-mile run on January 25 with the 3M Half Marathon. Serendipitously, the 3M fell on the weekend we’re scheduled to do a 13-mile training run, so now we get support and a goodie bag! Then on February 15, the “real” race: the Austin Half Marathon.

Flipping through our 2008 calendar last night, Dave and I saw the scribbled note about volunteering for the Austin Marathon last February 4. That was the day the idea was planted: “Hmmmm… we could do a half marathon.” The runners looked so happy and proud and alive when they crossed the finish line; I was suprised and delighted to see that Dave was really moved by it, too. On April 5, he and I went on our first run together. We started with seven rounds of ‘run 1 minute/walk 1 minute,’ and some days, that was a challenge. Amazing what stubbornness and eight months will do!

Dave looked like Rocky crossing the Mopac pedestrian bridge this morning: strong, determined, happy. I ran the 3-mile loop in 28:27 this morning — my best yet. My best ever! In my whole life.

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