10 Miles… Done!

Whew! We had a really great run today. I’m SO relieved. After my 9-mile disaster a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure the half marathon and I were going to be BFFs. But today ruled!

Don’t get me wrong: it was definitely challenging, but I felt pretty good most of the time. I slowed down my pace at the beginning, and that seemed to help a lot with my attitude and with my calves and hamstrings.

The weather was warm and humid when we started, then at about mile 4 or so, black clouds rolled in over the lake. We rounded a corner on the trail, just past Turtle Cove on the Zilker Park side, and were hit 1-2 with breezes. The first one felt like summer: moist, warm, gentle. And then a split second after… boom! an ICY wind cut across the lake. Dave said it was like being hit with a bucket of cold water, and his description is apt. It was crazy! I’ve never felt anything like it. Everyone on the trail was talking about it for about half a mile.

At our halfway point, we considered bailing — the sky was ominous and we didn’t want to get caught in a downpour far away from the car. But determination prevailed, and we finished strong, happy, and without raindrops, although it was significantly cooler during the last few miles.

I learned that I need to eat my gel/goo/frosting/sugar shot every 40 minutes or so. I waited a little too long to have my second one, and I definitely felt it in my legs and mood.

But… we did it! Hooray!

Photographic evidence: BEFORE the 10 MILES

Photographic evidence: AFTER the 10 MILES

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