Halloween Treats? Feels Like a Trick

In our office today:

  • croissants & muffins
  • wine
  • beer
  • cupcakes (along with a decorating contest)
  • pizza
  • chips & salsa
  • trick or treat candy

In my packed lunch:

  • lean ground beef w/ cabbage and green beans
  • strawberries
  • almonds
  • spinach muffins (for a snack)
  • grapes w/ 2% string cheese & almonds (bonus snack for when everyone else is eating at our stupid Halloween party)

I have plans to run at 6:15 tonight and am thinking about handstands and one-legged burpees and double-unders in the hall… any distraction to ensure I don’t shove pizza and miniature Snickers bars into my mouth this afternoon.

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  • Bonita says:

    Your lunch looks a whole lot more appetizing to me than all that other crap. Just looking at the office’s list makes me nauseous.