Lucky Number Seven

I had a little anxiety about our 7-mile run today. Not sure why. It seemed really long to me — so I had a sorta crappy attitude when we started.

In the car on our way to the hike & bike trail, Dave told me he was feeling a little nervous, too, and I said, “It’s just like all the other runs we’ve done, except a little longer. You’ll feel better once we start.”

I was right! It was just like every other run, only a little longer. And it was mostly fun. Gorgeous sun. Lots of cute dogs. One foot after the other, over and over again, with a short walk break every three minutes or so. We took the scenic route near I-35 and maybe ran a little extra, but other than that, it was uneventful.

And now it’s done.
Afterward, we drank amazingly delicious Advocare Rehydrate, ate chicken tostadas at Habanero, and took a whopper of a nap.

Pretty much the ideal Sunday, right there.

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