Photos from the San Antonio Mission 10k

I love cheesy souvenir photos: the ones they take in Vegas at the fancy restaurants… the Disneyland shots with Mickey and Minnie… the fake magazine covers they make at amusement parks… even the black-and-white Polaroids that weird dude who thinks he lives in 1942 takes on Sixth Street.

And yes, I’m a sucker for race photos taken by official race photographers and offered to me at exorbitant prices via email a few days after the race. I love ’em.

One of my favorite things about Dave is that he almost always indulges my desire to buy them, no matter how ridiculously over-priced they are.

Here’s our latest batch from the San Antonio Mission 10k last weekend:

I have to look at the photos over and over again, because in my noggin, I automatically visualize myself like this photo from just before I joined Weight Watchers in 2004:

Yeah, that’s a cookie in one hand and a beer in the other. Gah!

Sometimes in my desire to improve, I forget how far I’ve come. I’ve been pretty hard on myself this week — which benefits exactly no one. I’m not “done” yet, but it’s a lot more fun here in CrossFit/runner/Zone world than it was back there in the cookie-and-beer kingdom.

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  • Team CS says:

    Two words: You’re Awesome!

    It seems like we’re both having a “shouda, woulda, what’s up with me,” type of thing going on. And to be honest, it’s human to feel that way at times.

    It’s more stressful to be the superhero that you are 24 hours a day. Superheroes need rest too, although they may not talk about it. Your body will thank you and it may feel really nice to stop fighting in your mind for a little bit. So, take it easy :).

    But come Monday, the hero gear goes on again and you’ll be ready to tackle the world once more.

    Let’s be real, you love it 🙂

    love – carla.

  • Melicious says:

    Thank you, Carla!

    I’m leaving my watch at home tomorrow when I do my 7-mile run, and then I’m slacking for the remainder of the weekend. I’m staying in my pjs for hours… I promise!

    And yeah, Monday morning, we can kill it… together. 🙂

    XXOO to you.

  • elizgonz says:

    I’ve been visiting your blog recently and just checked in for some inspiration. I had no idea you were in the process of such a transformation. To say that you’ve inspired me is an understatement. Congratulations on being where you are on this journey. I’m really proud of you.

    Elizabeth (from Spidey’s first gymnastics workshop)

  • Melicious says:

    Hey, Elizabeth! So great to hear from you… I’ve been thinking about you since our gymnastics class together. You were so awesome that day! Nice photo of you and Maranda on the CrossFit Central home page this week… bad ass!

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m having the time of my life!