San Antonio Capers

My time for the 10K this a.m.?


Woot! A lot faster than my Nike Human Race finish of 1:09:50. Much cooler temperatures today, too — and no peanut butter bars beforehand.

Dave did great, too; smoked his Human Race time by about 10 minutes, I think. We’re both enjoying the fact that we’re new to running so every race is a new PR. Woohoo!

The race had a friendly, neighborhood-y feel — there were only a few hundred runners. Afterward, a volunteer and his son, with warm smiles and big coolers stuffed to the brim with homemade breakfast tacos, handed us sausage and egg on a warm flour tortilla. It was the best taco EVER.

Last night, after Tex-Mex and a kickass pomegranate margarita (!), I climbed up the base of a light post and used a fence as a sideways ladder so I could scramble on top of the San Antonio Police Headquarters sign. My mom was on the phone with my dad at the time, and I heard her say something like, “Oh… not much. We just had dinner and now Melissa is probably going to get arrested.”

While I was screwing up the courage to take the final step onto the tile ledge, two police cars pulled up to the stoplight right next to us, and Dave hissed at me, “Get down! Get down!”

Lesson learned: Plan and visualize ascension and escape routes BEFORE starting the climb so no time is wasted after the caper has officially begun.

I want a re-match with that sign so a future photo will show me triumphantly standing on top of it. I wanted to go back after the race this morning for a second attempt, but Dave nixed that idea in favor of breakfast.


For now, this is what I’ve got: Me halfway up — which, given my minimal parkour and tomfoolery experience to date, isn’t too bad.I got a scratch on my chest and almost ripped my shirt on the fence post. Cool!

Thank you to Dave for being my lookout and for supplying photographic evidence.

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