FGB video

Man! The corporate overlords are really cracking the whip today, and my project team ordered lunch delivered. They tried to convince me to indulge with them — they tried to tempt me with the idea of a milkshake (!) — but I’m eating my Zone food, drinking water, and visualizing a kickass performance for tomorrow. (In my visualization, I am incredibly ripped, talented, fast, and somehow manage to have flowing wavy hair that floats around me as I gracefully move from one FGB station to the next, but I digress…)

Here’s a video for inspiration and to maybe lure anyone who’s not working out with us to come enjoy the spectacle.

Fight Gone Bad

On September 17, more than 970 CrossFit affiliates and 10,000 individual athletes will participate in Fight Gone Bad 6 to raise funds for Special Operations...

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Why, Hello There, Fight Gone Bad

For some reason, I think I like Fight Gone Bad. Fight Gone Bad 3 rounds: 1:00 push press, 55# 1:00 row 1:00 wall balls, 15#,...

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