Um. How ’bout K-Women?!

Found an article today about the resurgence of kettlebells, called “Centuries-old Russian sport kettlebells nows a popular exercise regimen.”The author explains that in 1800, the rage in Russia was grya with kettlebells, practiced by the Gireuik, or “K-man.”

What’s surprising is that kettlebells have not just made a recent comeback in the mainstream fitness world, but that there are modern-day “K-men” who strive to achieve the near-superhuman feats of the first practitioners of the sport.


Check out the nice photo slideshow (which features a pretty bad ass chick doing the Turkish Get Up… and which reminds me that I was going to work on my Turkish Get Up this summer. So many goals, so little time. Tick tock!) The colored kettlebells are so cute. I want a pink one!

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