Margaritas + Chips & Queso… Dinner of Champions

The Moonlight Margarita Run surpassed all expectations. Dave and I took it easy on our pace and just enjoyed being outside with a bunch of other healthy, active (good looking!) people. And right on schedule, as the sky got darker, the moon came up and we were, in fact, running in the moonlight. Lovely.

Then finish line was lit up by giant lights like the ones I’ve seen on TV at the finish line of the Ironman. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the thrill of hearing a race announcer call out my name and number as I cross the line.

The party on the lawn of the American Legion was fantastic! While a mariachi band played, we drank icy frozen margaritas and snarfed chips & queso in soothingly balmy air. I even got a little tipsy!

Then we went home and realized we’d forgotten to take pictures… so we posed in the kitchen. The (mixed) results:

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