Belt It Out!

Things are kinda leisurely (for me) around the house before my workout in the morning. There’s lot of eye rubbing and stretching and puttering around to get my butt out the door and to the hike & bike trail or Deep Eddy park.

After my Bootcamp or run, I’m a whirlwind: brushing my teeth while reading a magazine, eating while blow drying my hair, pulling my shirt over my head while reaching for my socks. And through it all, I’m in la-la-land, daydreaming about Prague or what I’ll wear to my Weight Watchers meeting the day I reach goal, or making up detective stories set in my favorite places in Austin.

So this morning, I didn’t notice that I’d buckled my belt on the last notch.

The last notch, people!

Since January, I’ve moved from the first hole in the belt to the last — that’s 5 holes! With an inch between ’em.

It might be time for a new belt.

I love this one. Yes, it’s from Sex and the City. And yes, it was designed by wacky, let’s-mix-plaid-with-florals Patricia Field. And yeah, it’s $120.
But I want it.

If you want it, too.. or want to buy it for a dear friend or loved one (ahem), you can get it here.

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