Melicious, Are You OK?

I’m SUPER excited today because I finally got to try the “Annie, Are You OK?” CrossFit workout. And my work pals Stacey and Erin joined me for the CrossFit Women workout at CrossFit Central, along with my Bootcamp buddies Annie, Carla, Amber, and Devon. It was an estrogen celebration! (How many times can include CrossFit in one paragraph?!?!)

Man! It was sweat-tastic.

Here’s the workout:

21-15-9 reps for time:

  • row (on the machine)
  • thrusters (I did 15-, 10-, 10-lb. dumbbells)
  • sumo deadlift high pull (I used the 12-kg. kettlebell)
  • med ball cleans (6-lb. ball)
  • burpees (with an overhead clap and “Yay, burpee” on the jump)
  • wall ball (I used 6-, 6-, 8-lb. ball)

I loved it. I mean, it was hard, sure… but there’s just something about the ridiculousness of burpees that makes me want to try harder. Plus, all my friends were there. Sweet!

Here’s a video of the workout from some other CrossFit crew. This is not us — we looked much prettier!

I also had my WW weigh-in this a.m. Down another pound. Which means I have just 5.6 itty-bitty LBs to my Weight Watchers goal.

5.6 lbs.

I really never believed I would get there. And now I’m thisclose.

There are no words, so let’s just pause for a moment to reflect on the 42 lbs. that I’ve lost, never to be seen again. Bye, bye 42.

That’s 168 sticks of butter.
Four 10-lb. dumbbells.
One medium-sized dog.

All I can say is, “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…. what a relief.”

AND on top of all that fun-goodness, Dave and I enjoyed an unusually cool run this morning — must have been in the lower 70s or so. We were at the hike and bike trail by 6:30 a.m. and did our 3-mile loop with 4X 30-second sprints at the 20-minute mark, which for us is just after we cross The Magic Bridge and head toward Turtle Cove. We went like this:

“3-2-1-go….. wheeeeeeeeeeeee!” on the sprints.

All in all, a pretty stellar Saturday morning. Now I’m going to lie on the couch in the backyard with my book and then tonight: The Dark Knight.

Happy Saturday!

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