I like Turkish food, so…

Yesterday, the CrossFit Central web site posted news that one of their classes had added the Turkish Getup to its exercise routine.

Naturally, I had to try it myself.

First, I watched a video to see what it looks like. Here’s a pretty girl named Chanty doing it with a 32k kettlebell:

Um. 32k is about 70.54 lbs.

With one arm.


Then I found this video that provides step-by-step instructions:

So I tried it.

With no weight.

And it wasn’t so bad.

Then I did a few with a 5-lb. dumbbell.

I’m not totally fluid with the movement yet, but it was fun to try it. Easy as rice pilaf! I’m sure with practice I could do it with a 13-lb. kettlebell.

Or break my nose trying 😉

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