In the Zone with Penzeys

My healthy food has been totally ruling lately. Berries are ridiculously tasty right now, and I get to feel superior as I watch my co-workers scarfing down dried out croissants left over from a client meeting. I’m bursting with berry energy. It’s berrytastic!

Recently, I also made a $30 investment in my spice cabinet at Penzeys Spices, and it’s made an enormous difference in the quality of my healthy eating experiences.™ Penzeys spices are available online and at their retail locations around the country. I’ve never been to either their Houston or Dallas locations, but I’m definitely stopping in the next time I go on a roadtrip. They sell reasonably priced, and oh-so-delicious spice blends that make good food taste great. No calories, no fat, no guilt. And all you do is sprinkle on cooked or uncooked veggies and meats to make tongue-tingling magic — even non-cooks can easily add zing.

The evidence of my kitchen wizardry:

Dinner last night:

Two other seasonings that I’ve been using a lot:
BBQ 3000 – sprinkle it on anything/everything before grilling for smoky yumminess
4S Seasoned Salt – when mixed with parmesan cheese, makes veggies taste like pizza!

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