It’s Friday. Dayjobbers everywhere rejoice.

To paraphrase Xtina, nothing can bring me down today.

1. Bootcamp this morning was awesome-hard and exhilarating. We started with a really challenging circuit:

4 cycles of the following, 30 seconds per station:

  • jumping lunges with a 6-lb. medicine ball held overhead
  • 200 meter run
  • cleans with 10-lb. dumbbells
  • T-rotations
  • chest press w/ 10-lb. dumbbells

The jumping lunges to run was a killer. Started my supplements today, too. We’ll see if I can handle being a little amped up on Advocare.

2. Peter called last night and it sounds like we’ll be resuming rehearsals for The Sellouts soon. Whoop!

3. Tomorrow is my first solo Spartan 300 workout and Weight Watchers weigh-in and our first day of week seven running program: 2 X run 9 minutes, walk 1 minute. I’m feeling fit and ready for the challenge — because as soon as I’m done with my travails, I’m having machacado con huevo at Habanero with my handsome husband.

Saturday’s Spartan Workout
3 cycles:

  • 20 thrusters (deep squat to an overhead press, 15-lb. dumbbells)
  • 20 renegade rows (pushup with a row, 15-lb. dumbells)
  • 400-meter run

Plus the CrossFit Central warmup, which is a workout itself: 30 squats, 30 pushups, etc.

4. Our office is being used for a photo shoot today so there are really pretty people milling about, looking corporate-y. (I once saw a promo sign in a Limited store, advertising clothes as “Office Sexy.” I threw up in my mouth a little bit… but these people are definitely Office Sexy.) The kitchen is crowded with clothing racks with wardrobe forthe shoot, and hipster photographers/crew are walking with purpose among our cubicles. I like being distracted by the pretty people. One of the wranglers said she wanted to get me in front of the camera because I have the “young creative” look they want.* Nice.

So… good on you, Friday. Nice to see you.

*Modified spy-wear: black silk blouse, black cuff imprinted with “Never cheat. Never quit. (Thank you, Mamie!), black pencil skirt with slit, black patent leather knee boots, red chiffon scarf.

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