Moroccan Salad Platter
February 06, 2020

In my Paleo Magazine column, I teamed up with Steph Gaudreau to bring you the story of a traditional recipe and adapted it to fit...

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10 Paleo Main-Dish Salads That Will Make You Love Salad
July 17, 2019

Let's talk about bland salad... It's an issue that needs addressing. And lettuce celebrate healthy eating with these protein-packed, super-colorful salads drizzled with flavorful dressings....

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Well Fed Paleo Fresh & Hearty Salads
May 22, 2018

I'm excited to announce the release of my new Well Fed magazine. Isn't she pretty? It’s a “greatest hits” compilation of all of the salad...

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Hamburger Salad
April 02, 2018

Most of the time, cooking and eating feels pretty social and creative to me—but then there are times when I complain (maybe a lot) about...

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Super Simple Spring Salad
April 27, 2012

As much as I enjoy playing in the kitchen, I like to balance "project recipes"— I'm looking at you, Paleo Chicken Bastila. But sometimes you...

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