Let’s celebrate with a virtual concert and cocktails!

Since we can’t physically go anywhere to celebrate, I thought we could go just about everywhere — at least in our imaginations. This fantasy trip around the world could never happen in real life, but wouldn’t it be great if it could?!

(Bonus: In Pretend-Land, we never get too full and maintain an effervescent level of tipsiness. Pretend-Land is pretty awesome.)

I love you, Mom!

First, we’ll take a private water taxi in Venice — with our bodyguards, obviously — to make our way to our first stop: a secret venue…

in Florence. Where we’ll enjoy the view…

a charcuterie platter…

and unlimited French 75s.

Next, we’ll catch a special, magical ride with some friends.

And enjoy a concert extravaganza that gives us magical powers to travel back and forth through time!

We begin in 2004, at the Royal Albert Hall in London with Rod Stewart.

After all the singing and dancing, it’s time for a short break.

We’ll retire to our private car on the Orient Express to freshen up…

whilst enjoying ice-cold martinis…

… and foie gras.

We arrive at our next destination: London’s O2 Arena in 2016.

Then we’re off to Las Vegas circa 2010.

Hang on tight! We’re jumping in our time machine…

To arrive in 1982 Chicago for a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

Before we’re whisked to 1990 on Broadway.

And we finally bop back to London in 2019 for the big finale in Hyde Park.

It’s time to wind down in our luxury limo.

Where we’ll watch one more music video…

while enjoying gourmet pizza that magically stays the exact right temperature the entire time we’re eating it…

with Czech beer that also stays icy-cold the entire time we’re drinking it.

Then we’ll watch Dirty Dancing and Mamma Mia…

as we enjoy our dessert and coffee.


Finally, it’s off to sleep in a hotel that promises only sweet dreams (with a mattress and pillows and room temperature that is just right).

If you write the name of a destination on a slip of paper and put it under your pillow, when you wake up the next morning, you’ll see it outside your window.

Where will you go next?