I’m in the CrossFit Journal
August 08, 2010

I'm super-excited... my article "CrossFit Lessons Outside the Box" was published in the CrossFit Journal yesterday. It's all about how CrossFit has helped me muddle...

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A Little Change Will Do Me Good
June 28, 2010

You know that awesome relentlessness and commitment (a.k.a., stubbornness) that keeps me moving through workouts and helps me say 'no' to Tiff's Treats in the...

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I’m Going to Eat Pizza
June 14, 2010

A few weeks ago, in the spirit of exploring new possibilities now that my 'normal' life has imploded in spectacular fashion, I went to a...

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‘Scuse Me While I Get All Groovy On You
June 09, 2010

As I've admitted (whined, complained, ranted) before, I'm going through what can honestly be described as The Most Difficult Time of My Life.™ Mostly, it...

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Coming Clean On Going Clean
June 01, 2010

Coming CleanSo... I ditched my commitment to the Whole30 over the weekend... and I enjoyed every second of it. My parents and I shared bottles...

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WOD: Weed & Weep
May 16, 2010

Grief is a selfish and fickle companion. This is my first experience with real grief, and the emotions are shocking in their intensity, distressing in...

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To Do: Come Back Stronger
April 30, 2010

I've mentioned To Do blog before; sometimes I feel like the blogger is posting just for me. Don'tcha love that?!Today's edition:

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Uninspired, But On The Books
April 30, 2010

Last night – worn thin and weepy – I thought, I don't have to go to the gym tomorrow.And then I thought, Yeah, I do....

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Taking My Own Advice
April 29, 2010

Today, I executed against almost all of my Guidelines For Taking Care of Myself – and I added a new one, thanks to a good...

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Learning Is Fun
April 25, 2010

Crisis mode continues, and I'm feeling and learning things that surprise me at every turn. I suppose I should feel grateful that I can feel...

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