Well Fed Weeknights Presale Now Open!
September 19, 2016

Sometimes I felt like this day would never arrive. After a few years of collecting recipe ideas, the summer of 2015 spent recipe testing, months of writing,...

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My Czech Interview
January 27, 2015

Remember when Dave and I went to Prague in November for the release of the Czech version of Well Fed — a.k.a., Dobře živeni? The book has...

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Well Fed 2 Preview Extravaganza
October 02, 2013

Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat  is going to be on bookshelves in less than three weeks, people! YAY!...

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Book Signing In Philadelphia
August 03, 2012

I'm excited to announce that CrossFit Center City in Philadelphia has invited me to do a signing of Well Fed at their awesome box. Come...

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Well Fed News
July 12, 2012

It's been 213 days since Well Fed was born, and 146 since I fled the corporate overlords' lair. So much has been happening! We won...

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Well Fed — Now on Kindle
May 16, 2012

Before we jump into the  good news, admit it: You are totally jealous of my mad Photoshop skillz. I mean, look at that totally awesome...

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Donation to Common Threads (Plus Giveaway)
May 01, 2012

Well done, friends! When Dave and I cooked up the idea of Well Fed, we decided that we wanted to donate $1 for every PDF...

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Stupid Easy Paleo
April 09, 2012

Stephanie McCormack is the cutie-face and smarty-pants behind the site Stupid Easy Paleo. She is just back from a four-month hiatus, and she's been posting...

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Monday News
March 12, 2012

It's Dave's birthday today and we're enjoying a tiny bit of quiet before the onslaught of PaleoFx and SXSW here in Austin. I'll be tweeting...

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Hooray, Congratulations, and Welcome!
March 10, 2012

Hooray and Thank You! I'm delighted that The Clothes Make The Girl was named "Best Healthy Cooking Blog" in TheKitchn.com's 2012 Homies awards. Thank you...

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I’m a Finalist! Vote in the Homies!
March 05, 2012

Eleventy-million thank yous for your enthusiastic voting in the nomination phase of The 2012 Homies. You did a brilliant job of pushing me to the...

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Errata Sheet, Or Oops! I Made a Few Typos
February 25, 2012

This may make me sound kinda dumb, but until December 10 when Dave said the fateful words, I'd never heard the term "errata sheet." I...

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