Colorado Dispatch I: A Story in Photos
September 28, 2012

I spent the entire flight from Austin to Denver reading an issue of Marie Claire magazine cover to cover (which turned out to be more...

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Up In The Air
September 27, 2012

I'm traveling to Colorado today, so I'm neither here nor there... I'm up in the air! (OK. Really. That was terrible, but I once I...

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Tuesday 10: My Favorite Kitchen Tools
September 25, 2012

Here's an insider secret for you: I don't have a fancy, pro-level kitchen. Our cute little house was originally intended to be a rental property,...

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Adieu, Craptastic Gym!
September 21, 2012

Today's strength workout at the craptastic gym was bittersweet. Our much-maligned — but also beloved — craptastic gym is moving to a new location. A...

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New Paleo Books
September 19, 2012

If 2012 was going to be awarded a nutrition-geek tagline, it would be the Year of the Paleo Books, and in the last few weeks,...

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Well Fed Classes at Whole Foods
September 18, 2012

It's official! I'm teaching two demo cooking classes at the Whole Foods Culinary Center this Fall. "Demo" means I'll be cooking and being bossy and...

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Monday Motivation
September 17, 2012

Last week, I talked about the significant difference between "starting over" and "starting fresh." At Hatha Star yoga on Saturday, our instructor Kim read us...

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Weirdly-Awesome, Awesomely-Weird Dinner For One
September 13, 2012

When I was growing up, my whole family ate dinner together at 5:00 p.m. most nights. But every once in a while, when I was...

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Don’t Put Off Your Happiness
September 12, 2012

Leave it to the brilliant Things We Forget blog to elegantly summarize in five words what I explored in hundreds yesterday. All that hand-wringing about...

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Tuesday 10: Excellent Body Image Posts
September 11, 2012

Why is thinner better? I've been asking myself that question for months, as I struggle with the realization that since I had my thyroid removed...

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Austin Tidbits
September 11, 2012

You know that thing where you can hold two contradictory thoughts at once? Like... "I love pizza. I hate pizza." or... "My legs are too...

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Healthy Lunchbox 2012
September 10, 2012

The song "Love is in the Air" is going through my head as "Lunch is in the air..." which is not the same thing at...

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