I Won! WOOT!

The universe has acknowledged by deep-seated adoration for Jane Eyre. I’m so glad.

Last week, I won reserved seats at an advance screening of the movie from Gordon and the Whale

… and today I learned I won a Focus Features Jane Eyre prize pack from The Parchment Girl.

My prize pack includes:

  • A Jane Eyre soundtrack sampler
  • a bookmark
  • journal
  • pencil
  • a copy of the movie tie-in edition of Jane Eyre

I’ve seen the film twice so far, and I’m very tempted to go again this weekend. I love love LOVE it. Some day soon, I will write something more eloquent and descriptive about why I think this version does a brilliant job of capturing many of the things I love about the novel.

Can’t wait to get my Jane Eyre goodies! Thank you, Parchment Girl!

Want to catch Jane Eyre fever yourself?
Read this piece: part personal story, part love letter to books, part review of the new film. It totally captures how I feel every time I read Jane Eyre.
Read Jane Eyre online.
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