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Fave People: YOU, Part 2

It’s been almost three weeks since Well Fed was officially released, and I’m delighted thrilled touched overwhelmed by how awesome all of you have been. Thank you for buying the book and cooking from it — then being so awesomely cool enough to take the time to write and let me know you’re enjoying it. That is the very best experience a writer can have, and I’m so grateful. I wish we could have a dinner party together — all of us — and celebrate in person.

Fave Blogs

Again, I need to encourage you to visit the blogs that kindly reviewed Well Fed over the past week or so. These are just some of the wonderful writers and motivators that I turn to when I need a boost. They’re all in my RSS feed and well worth your time. If you like my blog and Well Fed, please visit them and support what they’re doing because I wouldn’t be here without them. Here are their reviews and some thoughts on why they’re on my go-to list. (To see my previous recap list, go right on over here.)

Holly Would If She Could: What’s For Dinner?
If you’re not reading Holly yet, you need to get on that! She posts her cooking plans every week, which is tremendously helpful if you’re stalled in the planning department — and she’s got inspiring things to say about setting goals and she reads a ton. Go visit!

Stumptuous: Well Fed: Interview with Melissa Joulwan
The good advice Krista lays down at is a must-read. And her free ebook F*ck Calories makes me greener-than-zucchini with envy over her writing style and smart content. Brilliant!

Frisky Lemon: Well Fed: Much More Than a Paleo Cookbook
Alison at Frisky Lemon is a Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor. She’s a former vegetarian who found CrossFit and paleo and never looked back. Rumor has it that she lifts heavy things in her basement. I love her blog because she has excellent habits, and she’s human. What a lovely combo!

Cave Girl Eats: Oh Hai Well Fed
Cave Girl Eats offers up recipes, paleo how-to, and observations on life with a sense of humor and real-ness. Plus, she took some damn fine photos of her Well Fed meals.

itsPALEO: The Girl That Makes the Cookbook Well Fed
itsPaleo is a new paleo and fitness community with content from some of your favorite paleo people (like Robb Wolf, Sarah Fragoso, and me), as well as recipes and a community forum where you can ask questions and swap paleo insider info.

Easy Paleo: Well Fed, Indeed
Jennie is fairly new to paleo, but man! she is fired up. She’s had tremendous success adopting this way of eating and has since lauched her own ebook to help others who are just getting started.

Paleo Food Blog: Love Potions, Passions, and My (Current) Favorite Cookbooks
I was delighted to find myself on this short list of favorite cookbooks. That is some good company I’m keeping — and this blogger clearly has excellent taste 😉
So there you have it, the second batch of reviews and blogs that you might want to follow. Thanks, again, for so enthusiastically embracing Well Fed. Happy cooking and eating in 2012!

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  • Thanks ever so much for the shout-out!! Now I love you even more! haha!

  • Natassia says:

    I bought WellFed pdf on Sunday, after reading about it at Whole9. I really like the book, especially the approach. I have several Paleo cookbooks and none of them tell me, a person with limited patience and ability, how to prepare decent meals for the week like WellFed does. I also like that your dishes include inexpensive cuts of meat and that the dishes are more “ethnic.”

    My ONLY issue is that the pdf version is sooo hard to read without zooming and moving the page around. It is a little annoying. I usually prefer digital versions but now I wish I had bought the hard cover. Is it possible to exchange a pdf for a hard cover? 🙂

    Thanks for the book!

  • Holly says:

    Aw, you are so sweet! I really am loving the cookbook. The whole feel of it is such a win! Like a friend chatting with you in the kitchen. We devoured the ginger lime shrimp last night!

  • Taryl says:

    I love the cookbook as well – great content and very pretty to look at! But I do wish the PDF format was normal page sizes. I can’t print any recipe easily to use because of the double-page spread, funky size format and it is incredibl disappointing, because I can’t easily cook from the electronic version. Having the PDF reformatted so only ONE page is on each PDF view, or so that it fit the standard print format, would be a total blessing for me, as a user 🙁

    • Taryl says:

      And I’m serious when I say I love the cookbook – you did an amazing job and it is all so tasty (and informative!). That makes the formatting issues that much more of a letdown, because I really want to use it and it doesn’t work well on my iPad at all.

  • Mel says:

    Hey, guys. Thanks a ton for the feedback on the PDF. We wondered if the 2-up format would be better (so it looks like just the softcover on a monitor) or if it would be easier in a single-page format.

    We’re working on a single-page format right now and a way to get the new version into your hands. Sit tight for a few days while we work out the details, and I’ll make an announcement here, on twitter, and on Facebook with details.

    Thanks for your patience and your feedback!

    • Taryl says:

      Thanks so much! I know that’s extra work for you, but I appreciate the effort. It is a seriously delicious cookbook, which makes the format issues even more annoying, because I don’t just want to let it sit unused 😉

  • Cheryl K. says:

    I just finished making a triple batch of Scotch Eggs – Tex-Mex style and they are truly scrumptious! My husband devoured 3 of them after they cooled off! I think your sections “You know how you could do that” are great – cooking should be an form of self-expression and you’ve given me some wonderful jumping off points from your ideas and the basics of preparing them as proffered in your cookbook. Thanks so much for such a kick-ass blog and an even more kick-ass cookbook. Well Fed will be the most Well Used cookbook in my Paleo repertoire! Thanks again!

    • Mel says:

      Cheryl, I love this story! And I really love the idea of y’all playing You Know How You Could Do That” along with me… awesome!

      Wishing you many happy, healthy meals in 2012. Keep me posted on how you’re doing!

  • Melissa M says:

    I am enjoying my copy of Well Fed so far! Wasn’t sold on the Best Stiry Fry Sauce ever that I tried last week, and need to tweak it to suit my taste buds better.

    I read this today and got so excited – it really reminded me of your approach to cooking. Check this out:

  • Melissa says:

    thanks for the links, I love new reading material and blogs!

  • Melissa says:

    I posted a link to your book and blog on Stop the Thyroid Madness Facebook. There are quite a few people on there that are going paleo, primal, or Whole 30 starting this week.

  • BuffBetty says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I was just scourging the internet trying to find a great paleo recipe! Love your blog!!! www.

  • Erica S. says:

    Just another kudos to you…I just bought the PDF version of Well Fed yesterday and became SO excited to start making the recipes! All of your shopping / meal constructing tips are spot on for those of us who are time crunched and on a budget. Also, I showed your page to my mom, who has been wanting to try eating Paleo, but too scared to try, and she is so much more optimistic, and is now trying to get my dad involved! I am so excited to finish this Whole 30 (maybe Whole 60 or more…I sure need it) and set an example for my family and hopefully my patients (who largely scoff at any suggestion of removing bread, etc from their diet). Your book, with the help of the whole 9 site, is going to be a huge factor in my success and enjoyment of the Whole 30, and thereafter. Thanks!!

    • Mel says:

      Erica, I’m really glad to know Well Fed has inspired you and that you’re going to rock it through your Whole30.

      Don’t give up on your parents. It took my family a little while to warm up to the idea, too… but my dad has been mostly paleo for more than a year and he hasn’t eaten ice cream (his #1 sugar demon) in a full year. He and my niece started a Whole30 on Jan. 1 and my mom has been cooking from Well Fed, so she’s eating more paleo recipes.

      It can happen!

      Best wishes for a smooth Whole30 and happy 2012!

  • Kirsten says:

    Do you think you might sell Well Fed through an e-reader (Kindle or Nook)?

    • Mel says:

      We’re considering a Kindle version, but wanted to make sure the demand was out there before we made one. It’s probably coming in a few weeks. Will keep you posted!

      • Kirsten says:

        I hope you do!!

        • Jade says:

          I’m another of the waiting-for-a-kindle-version devotees of your blog. Being in South Africa I reckon it’ll just be easier to download it direct to my Kindle. Failing that I’ll get the PDF version but Kindle makes it super convenient to tote around… Either way I’m looking forward to owning a copy of “Well Fed” too!

  • Lisa says:

    I’m making the Chocolate Chili from Well Fed. Do you simmer with or without a lid on the pot? Thx!

  • KC says:

    I bought the book on a whim via Amazon (it popped up in my “wouldn’t you like to buy this feed”) without really seeing/reading the blurb about it. Imagine my surprise when I noticed who the author was! I’ve loved all the recipes that you’ve posted on your blog and ChowStalker so I am super excited to see what’s in the book! It shipped yesterday!!!

  • Diana Van Pelt says:

    What a pleasure it is to read your blogs, Melissa! Thank you, thank you. You are too funny.
    I have been trying to figure out what my body wants for several years now, and for the past year have given up dairy and gluten, but not all grains, so was still dealing with regular bloat. I was heading from pescatarian to vegan, until about 3 weeks ago, when I came across Well, one link led to another and another. Then I clicked on your link and fell in love.

    I LOVE your writing, I LOVE your directness, and I LOVE your cookbook! I must agree with some of the other pdf users, however. The size makes using the cookbook from my laptop quite frustrating. What if you just did an e-addendum with the recipes in laptop or ipad-friendly format, ready to print? The pictures are picture-perfect, but when cooking I really need to see the instructions, so maybe they don’t need to be on the same page? The photos as teasers, then the recipe?

    Well, I’m going to order the hard copy as well, because I want the tactile experience of these fabulous recipes, and I don’t care if I get food on it. So maybe I should order two? 🙂

    PS. Tonight I made roasted veggies with the salmon á l’afrique du nord, and mashed cauliflower (fotatoes). For dessert, Carmelized Coconut Flakes. Yumm, yumm, yumm!

    • Mel says: is great, right?! Super smart info there. Glad you found me! Thank you so much for the sweet words about my writing and cookbook.

      Good news about the PDF.

      We’re re-releasing the PDF this week in a 1-page format, instead of the current 2-page spreads. That will make it way easier to people to print on traditional paper. You’ll automatically get an email with instructions for donwloading the new one, but I’ll also post to my blog, Twitter, and Facebook to make sure the news gets out when the new one is available.

      If you want to try printing the one you have…

      The PDF prints best on 11X17 paper. You have a few options. You can print it on large paper, or you can do a screen capture of the recipe page so that you’re just printing one page on regular sized paper (PC instructions here:; Mac instructions here:… or you can copy and paste the text of a recipe into a Word doc and print just the text, no photos or design elements.

      I personally love when my cookbooks get spatter stains and creased pages, but if you want two so you can treasure one, that is a bilion percent OK with me 😉

      Your dinner sounds yummy. I want to eat at your house!

      Thanks for posting! Welcome!

      • DVeep says:

        Hi again,
        Thanks for all the printing tips. 😉

        I just made my second batch, this weekend, of the Coconut Chips. Mmm.

        Could you tell me, please, at what point to add the tomato paste for your Coconut Almond Green Beans recipe? I don’t see that in the directions. Thanks Mel 🙂

        P.S. I’m looking forward to making Ras el Hanout and then Velvety Butternut Squash this week. Sounds as good as, and less work than pumpkin pie! -d

  • Christa says:

    I’m the lame girl who found you via Amazon, instead of your blog. Hey! Amazon knows me better than my own mother, sometimes. Anyway, I love, love, love “Wel Fed”. The Hot Plates are brilliant and I set it up on the table as a build your own hot plate to minimize discussion from the preschool set. If I can just get my kids to give up dairy, we’ll be golden. Thank you!

    • Mel says:

      I LOVE that you found me, however you got here! And it’s great to know Amazon is doing its job and introducing me to people 🙂

      I’m thrilled that you like Well Fed and that the Hot Plates are making your life a little easier and tastier. “Build Your Own Hot Plate” is genius. Maybe we should open a restaurant with that theme?!

  • Supers says:

    I downloaded the sample and I love the layout of your cookbook.
    I’ve made recipes off your site before, with great success so I am going to get the cookbook.
    One thing though – and it is only minor… One of the things I love about the Paleo Comfort Food cookbook is that they offer their oven temperatures in F as well as C and provide metric measurements as well. I love this as it saves me from having to work it out myself. And I know you have an audience outside the USA, so maybe for the next edition?

    • Mel says:

      Yes, we made the decision not to include conversions because our deadline was tight, and I didn’t want to do a half-assed job. We’re working on a little PDF addendum to the cookbook that will correct a few errors we found and will include a conversion chart for the temperatures.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • Heidi says:

    Just a quick post to let you know how truly awesome your cookbook is. It arrived on Friday, and since then I’ve been cooking like a maniac. So far, family faves are your coconut-almond green beans, nori chips (so much better than packaged seasoned nori), and coconut chips (I tried them with cinnamon and vanilla salt – just sea salt with vanilla in it – and they are über-scrumptious!). I can’t remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but I’m so glad that I did!